mimi­kry: well­ness retrotopia

Thea­ter and sau­na — an immer­si­ve well­ness archaeology

The pro­per­ty at Neu­markt 5 was once a sana­to­ri­um. On the occa­si­on of the redis­co­very of the “Bil­ge­ri Healing Spring”, it was revi­ved in Febru­a­ry 2020: with real sau­na, home­ma­de floa­ting tank, recli­ning cure, order the­ra­py, “Well­ness in Death”, light sho­wers and bat­hing in the hot well. The thea­ter beck­oned as a low-sti­mu­lus well­ness place for men­tal and phy­si­cal rege­ne­ra­ti­on: this is Well­ness Retro­to­pia. Let go and indul­ge, actively, pas­si­ve­ly or interpassively.

Well­ness experts from art, medi­ci­ne and sci­ence took care of the rela­xa­ti­on and well-being of the visi­tors during 10 days. Just float.

RETRO­TO­PIA Nost­al­gie­well­ness™ makes loss and uproo­ted­ness enjoya­ble — an inner adven­ture jour­ney for tho­se over­sti­mu­la­ted, self-refe­rence trai­ning for the labor for­ce that is beco­m­ing unne­cessa­ry, and instant reli­ef for the despe­ra­te lon­ging for con­ti­nui­ty in a frag­men­ted world.