Schwei­zer Pro­pa­gan­da Kon­fe­renz (spk)

Essay­istic con­fe­rence with lec­tures and lec­tu­re performances

In Sep­tem­ber 2019, an essay­istic con­fe­rence with lec­tures, per­for­man­ces, and con­ver­sa­ti­ons took place over three days. The direc­tor and aut­hor Boris Niki­tin dedi­ca­ted this three-day con­fe­rence to the raw mate­ri­al “public sphe­re”, for which a glo­bal com­pe­ti­ti­on has bro­ken out. As never befo­re, it is about being seen and heard: for pur­po­ses of poli­ti­cal mobi­liz­a­ti­on, in search of soli­da­ri­ty, showing one’s own emo­tio­nal worlds, or sim­ply to adver­ti­se pro­ducts. Here, the shared public sphe­re is a limi­ted resour­ce and, as it were, the sta­ge on which peop­le repre­sent — and pre­sent — “their” rea­li­ty and thus help to shape rea­li­ty. This cour­ting, figh­t­ing, shaping, mani­pu­la­ting, crea­ting and manu­fac­tu­ring of rea­li­ty can be sum­med up in one term: Pro­pa­gan­da. In the SPK con­cei­ved and cura­ted for the Neu­markt, Niki­tin invi­ted twel­ve posi­ti­ons into the thea­ter that illu­mi­na­ted the pro­duc­tion of the public sphe­re and rea­li­ty and/or alrea­dy acti­va­te the­se them­sel­ves in their prac­ti­ces. The twel­ve spee­ches, lec­tures, lec­tu­re per­for­man­ces, and con­ver­sa­ti­ons are about pro­pa­gan­da — and are pro­pa­gan­da themselves.

With: Imran Aya­ta, Bran­dy But­ler, Didier Eri­bon, David Eugs­ter, Debo­rah Feld­mann, Dean Hutton, Robi­ne Laver­ne Wil­son aka Dra­gon­fly, Geoff­rey de Lag­as­ne­rie, Rabih Mroué, Fran­zis­ka Schutz­bach, Georg Ses­seln, Storm & Störmer

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