das life­style-thea­ter von Para P und Para T

“I think us bad bit­ches is a gift from God.” (Car­di B)

Who or what are Para P and Para T?

Para T & Para P are the ones you want to see, the ones you are afraid of, your fetish and your worst night­ma­re, we are 1001 nights. (Para P)

What do Para P and Para T want?

Para P & Para T want to take over the world and invent LIFE­STYLE THEA­TER™. That’s why they beco­me influ­en­cers. (Para T)

Kan­aka­de­mie Salon
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Kan­aka­de­mie Salon
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kan­aka­de­mie salon
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The LIFE­STYLE THEA­TER™ from Para P und Para T

Exer­ci­ses for take­overs — Qua­ran­ti­ne Edition

Actual­ly, Para P & Para T wan­ted to explo­re Zurich’s urban socie­ty with their cou­sins in May, invent LIFE­STYLE THEA­TER™ and take over the world. Now they have to stay home for diplo­ma­tic rea­sons. They don’t let that stop them. Ins­tead of Nie­der­dorf, glo­bal vil­la­ge. How to hack the Hoch­kul­tur? Direc­tor Pınar Kara­bu­lut and per­for­mer and actress Tina Keser­ović, a duo infer­na­le, play on Insta­gram for three weeks. Sexy, but also a bit NATO-ish: Talks and tuto­ri­als, Kül­tür and Kan­aka­de­mie, Pin­kie and the Brain: LIFE­STYLE THEA­TER™ at its best!

By and with Pınar Kara­bu­lut and Tina Keserović