mas­ken auf, die hül­len fal­len (Masks on, the covers off)

The sea­son film

She’s back: Rena­ta Sahar, the for­mer exe­cu­ti­ve secreta­ry to Ruag Green’s BoD, speaks in this 35-minu­te film as the press spo­kes­wo­man for Switzerland’s smal­lest 3‑division house. Rena­ta Sahar loo­ks back at the 2019/20 sea­son, she reflects on the sta­te of emer­gen­cy, on all that hap­pen­ed during the lock­down, and she deci­des that the extra­or­di­na­ry situa­ti­on is not over, but must be exten­ded: as a sta­te of emer­gence. The­re can be no going back to a pre-Coro­na, but loo­king for­ward to a future that is full of pos­si­bi­li­ties.
Mas­ken auf, die Hül­len fal­len (Masks on, the covers off) — that’s the mot­to for the upco­m­ing 2020/21 season.

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