Record­ing from Octo­ber 18, 2020

Ima­gi­ne the­re is cul­tu­re, but no one knows about it: panel on the future of cul­tu­ral journalism

With Susan­ne Küb­ler (cul­tu­re edi­tor Tages-Anzei­ger), Simo­ne Mei­er (cul­tu­re edi­tor Wat­son and wri­ter), Peer Teuw­sen (head of cul­tu­re, NZZ am Sonn­tag) and Hein­rich Wein­gart­ner (free­lan­ce cul­tu­re jour­na­list, foun­der of the online maga­zi­ne Kultz) | Mode­ra­ti­on Moni­ka Schärer.

An event by and with Schwei­ze­ri­scher Ver­band der FilmjournalistInnen