tran­sit rhodos

Three audio pic­tures with pho­tos of a bor­der strip and Old Tes­ta­ment texts on migration

in 2018, henn­ric jokeit, a pho­to artist and neu­ro­sci­en­tist based in zurich, spent a few days in the vast, deser­ted sou­thwest of the greek island of rho­des. it is only 20 kilo­me­ters from the tur­kish coast. the beaches are flat and the land spar­se­ly popu­la­ted. on a stretch of beach less than 200 meters long, he dis­co­ve­r­ed dozens of san­dals, shoes and flip-flops, most­ly in piti­ful con­di­ti­on, not a sin­gle pair to be found among them. they were “made in syria”, “chi­na”, “tur­key”, “south africa”.

in the three audio images, the pho­to­graphs of the­se finds come tog­e­ther with text excerp­ts — read by the actres­ses eli­sa plüss and susan­ne-marie wra­ge — from the old tes­ta­ment around the­mes of flight, con­quest and migra­ti­on and con­den­se in expe­ri­men­tal video art aes­the­tics by elvi­ra isen­ring and a sound com­po­si­ti­on by rolf lau­re­ijs into a tou­ch­ing and som­ber work.

The pre­mie­res of Tran­sit Rho­des took place digi­tal­ly in three parts:
Part I (FRIGHT): April 23, 2020
Part II (FIGHT): April 24, 2020

Part III (FLIGHT): April 25, 2020 | 8 p.m. each

Pho­to­graphs: Henn­ric Jokeit
Voice actres­ses: Eli­sa Plüss, Susan­ne-Marie Wra­ge
Video: Elvi­ra Isen­ring
Sound: Rolf Lau­re­ijs
Dra­ma­tur­gy: Hayat Erdoğan
Con­cept & Com­po­si­ti­on: Henn­ric Jokeit, Hayat Erdoğan, Elvi­ra Isen­ring, Rolf Laureijs

Part 1 — Fright

Part 2 — Fight

Part 3 — Flight