Video on Demand & Fol­low-up Talks

Video record­ing of “Whistleblowerin/Elektra”:

Art is beau­ti­ful, but it takes a lot of work.
The­re­fo­re we ask them for a sym­bo­lic ent­ry with our “digi­tal­ti­cket”.
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Fol­low-up talk from 07 Novem­ber 2020

with Nina Bur­ri on the topic of “The Respon­si­bi­li­ty of Cor­po­ra­ti­ons“
The lawy­er Nina Bur­ri spe­cia­li­zes in inter­na­tio­nal cri­mi­nal law and human rights.v Bur­ri was the first lawy­er sent by the For­eign Minis­try to the Inter­na­tio­nal Court of Jus­ti­ce in Den Hague. Today, she works for the non-govern­men­tal orga­niz­a­ti­on Bread for All and is cam­pai­gning for a Yes vote on the Cor­po­ra­te Respon­si­bi­li­ty Initia­ti­ve, which will be put to the bal­lot on Novem­ber 29, 2020.

The fol­low-up dis­cus­sion was mode­ra­ted by Julia Rei­chert (Co-Direk­to­rin Thea­ter Neu­markt) und Syl­ke Gruhn­wald (freie Reporterin).

Fol­low-up talk17. Novem­ber 2020

with Mona Somm and Yas­mi­ne Motar­je­mi on the topic “Whist­leb­lo­wers — When women come clean“
The docu­men­ta­ry pie­ce “Whistleblowerin/Elektra” com­bi­nes two cases of whist­leb­lo­wers: The sin­ger Mona Somm fights for jus­ti­ce with an open let­ter, the food safe­ty expert Yas­mi­ne Motar­je­mi in court.

Yas­mi­ne Motar­je­mi and Mona Somm in con­ver­sa­ti­on with artis­tic direc­tor Julia Rei­chert and rese­ar­cher Syl­ke Gruhnwald.

Fol­low-up talk27. Novem­ber 2020

with Mona Somm and Tho­mas Schmidt on the topic “Asym­me­try of Power — On Power and Abu­se of Power in the Thea­ter“
Guests: Mona Somm (free­lan­ce sin­ger) and Tho­mas Schmidt, pro­fes­sor for thea­ter and orches­tra manage­ment at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Music and Per­forming Arts in Frank­furt am Main.

The fol­low-up dis­cus­sion will be mode­ra­ted by Syl­ke Gruhn­wald, inves­ti­ga­ti­ve repor­ter who explo­res power from a femi­nist per­spec­ti­ve, and Julia Rei­chert (Co-Direc­tor Thea­ter Neumarkt).

Fol­low-up talk29. Novem­ber 2020

with Kim Mau­er­ho­fer and Chris­ti­an Brön­ni­mann on the topic “Working with Whist­leb­lo­wers — A lawy­er and a jour­na­list report“
The lawy­er Kim Mau­er­ho­fer defends whist­leb­lo­wers in court; the jour­na­list Chris­ti­an Brön­ni­mann uses infor­ma­ti­on from whist­leb­lo­wers to expo­se cor­rup­ti­on and abu­se of power.

Mau­er­ho­fer and Brön­ni­mann talk about their ever­y­day work with whist­leb­lo­wers in a work­shop dis­cus­sion with inves­ti­ga­ti­ve repor­ter Syl­ke Gruhn­wald and co-direc­tor of Thea­ter Neu­markt Julia Reichert.