Digi­tal à la carte

Not in the mood for crow­ded ski lifts? Alrea­dy wat­ched all Net­flix con­tent? Was the line too long at Guc­ci? Oder sind Sie ein­fach froh, end­lich Ihre Ruhe zu haben? Then we have the right thing for you: Neu­markt digi­tal à la carte

Very Important: This is about Theater 

3 Film minia­tures about thea­ter archi­tec­tu­re
Dura­ti­on: 8–13 Minutes

Lock­down, empty bleachers and an actor (Leon Pfan­nen­mül­ler) in search of open thea­ters. A jour­ney through and against thea­ter archi­tec­tu­re, fami­li­ar thea­ter forms, and old hier­ar­chi­cal rela­ti­ons­hips begins and beco­mes a cha­se … Hier

We recom­mend the film minia­tures to all who miss thea­ter and appre­cia­te good entertainment.


Docu­men­ta­ry thea­ter with ope­ra sin­ging (with post-scree­ning dis­cus­sions)
Dura­ti­on: 90 Minutes

Bring home an ope­ra sin­ger (Mona Somm) and expe­ri­ence Yas­mi­ne Motarjemi’s strugg­le for food secu­ri­ty at Nest­lé (play­ed by Sascha Ö. Soy­dan). here

We recom­mend this play for thought­ful evenings. *May con­tain traces of Richard Strauss.

War­ten auf: War­ten auf Godot

A movie of a tree with distant actors
Dura­ti­on: 50 Minutes

Beckett’s cha­rac­ters are fami­li­ar with absurd situa­tions — and the play­ers of Thea­ter Hora with wai­t­ing. A pie­ce that crea­tes poe­try out of pan­de­mic con­di­ti­ons, bet­ween sad­ness, humor and poe­try. Here

We recom­mend enjoy­ing this film true to the work, with a hat, a shoe and a tur­nip — just like Beckett.

Stretch Marks

A Tele­gram chat by the per­for­mance group THE AGEN­CY.
without dura­ti­on

THE AGEN­CY invi­tes you to their rese­arch around the topics: paid and unpaid pregnan­cy, abor­ti­on and designs of fami­ly and «mothe­ring». Here

We recom­mend this chat to all who are inte­res­ted in dis­co­vering a new caring community.

Tran­sit Rhodos

3 Audio pic­tures about the Euro­pean bor­der regime and its bibli­cal prehisto­ry
Dura­ti­on: 12–17 Minutes

«Tran­sit Rho­dos» is an encoun­ter of pho­to­graphs (Henn­ric Jokeit) of a bor­der strip in nega­ti­ve aes­the­tics with excerp­ts from the Old Tes­ta­ment around the the­mes of flight, con­quest, migra­ti­on, vio­lence. Here

We recom­mend the audio pic­tures ins­tead of the Christ­mas Mass.


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