Zärt­lich­keit — Preludes

Until the ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned for­mat “Zärt­lich­keit 1,2,3” can go on sta­ge, aut­hors Fabi­an Saul and Sen­thu­ran Varat­ha­ra­jah and dra­ma­turg Tine Milz will talk about touch, faith, love, hope and the power of lan­guage in the form of a pod­cast. New edi­ti­ons of the pod­cast will be laun­ched successively.

Zärt­lich­keit – Pre­lude 04
The fourth edi­ti­on of the pod­cast reflects on wai­t­ing and nar­ra­ti­on.
With quo­tes from Nina Simo­ne, Judith But­ler, Juli­us East­man, and Chris Mar­ker, among others. 

Zärt­lich­keit – Pre­lude 03
The third edi­ti­on of the pod­cast wea­ves tog­e­ther thoughts from Jean-Luc Nancy’s “Noli me tan­ge­re” with the anci­ent theo­ry of sphe­ri­cal men, pain­tings by Hil­ma Af Klint, and quo­tes from Karen Barad. 

Zärt­lich­keit – Pre­lude 02
This second edi­ti­on of the pod­cast is about the ori­gin and mea­ning of the words “tear” and “grief”. Asso­cia­tively, tears, mour­ning, oce­an waves and the musi­cal theo­ry of cadence are brought tog­e­ther in a sound space, with quo­tes from Joy Divi­si­on, Clau­dia Ran­ki­ne and Simo­ne Weil.

Zärt­lich­keit – Pre­lude 01
This first edi­ti­on with quo­tes from Cher, Roland Bar­t­hes, Joan Didion and Aud­re Lor­de.. We recom­mend lis­tening to “Pre­lude 01” while taking a walk out­side.