Hoff­nung Vaku­um-Zeit Trau­er (Hope Vacu­um-Time Grief)

Lub­na Abou Kheir & Ivna Žic

Now that the Federal Coun­cil has deci­ded on more far-reaching ope­ning steps and hopes are rising again for the end of the “vacu­um peri­od,” it is the right time to look back. In the spring of 2021, the Neu­markt invi­ted Lub­na Abou Kheir and Ivna Žic, with their fine fee­ling for lan­guages, to feel and reflect on this sta­te and this time: What does this stret­ching vacu­um, which spans bet­ween mour­ning and hope, make of us, with us?

Both are con­nec­ted to Neu­markt as col­la­bo­ra­tors: Syri­an New-Zurich play­w­right Lub­na Abou Kheir wro­te in Ger­man for the first time in the 2019/20 sea­son: the text of the sta­ge play «Gebro­chens Licht». She deve­lo­ped this in clo­se exchan­ge with the Zurich nove­list, play­w­right and direc­tor Ivna Žic, who pre­mie­red the play in the same sea­son. The pie­ce also gave us the con­cept of “vacu­um time” and addres­sed the sta­te of “being in bet­ween” with unusu­al, poe­tic inten­si­ty. Litt­le could we have known in Novem­ber 2019 how fami­li­ar this fee­ling would beco­me to us after more than a year with the virus. Read the text «Hoff­nung Vaku­um-Zeit Trauer».