Who owns the vac­ci­ne?
Live­stream on 20 May 2021 from 20:00

While Switz­er­land has orde­red so much Coro­na vac­ci­ne that it could vac­ci­na­te its popu­la­ti­on four times over, the­re is not­hing left for poo­rer coun­tries like Paki­stan. Whe­re does this injus­ti­ce come from?
Whe­re does this injus­ti­ce come from? And how must the phar­maceu­ti­cal indus­try be rest­ruc­tu­red so that poo­rer coun­tries have bet­ter access to vac­ci­nes or
drugs against other dise­a­ses as well?

An evening dis­cus­sion with Shali­ni Ran­d­e­ria, pro­fes­sor of socio­lo­gy at the Gra­dua­te Insti­tu­te Gene­va, and Patrick Durisch, health poli­cy expert at Public Eye.
Mode­ra­ti­on: Yves Wege­lin, Jour­na­list WOZ.

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