Sound­ing Board
Our Eyes That See Us from Outside

We under­stand hos­pi­ta­li­ty as a stance, not as decor or a tran­sac­tion. A guest is a friend, neit­her a con­su­mer nor a stran­ger asking for a cul­tu­ral ser­vice. Our Sound­ing Board, made up of ten city resi­dents, hel­ps us to reflect on whe­ther and how this invi­ta­ti­on to enjoy our hos­pi­ta­li­ty has been recei­ved. The youn­gest mem­ber is twen­ty-two, the oldest about thir­ty years older. One has not set foot in the thea­ter for a deca­de and the other attends around 300 events per sea­son – some even three times. Some were born in Zurich, others in a neigh­bo­ring can­ton, in Tur­key, or in Sudan. They stu­dy histo­ry, enjoy their reti­re­ment, deve­lop real esta­te pro­jects, advi­se foun­da­ti­ons and phil­an­thro­pic pro­jects, mode­ra­te news on the radio, work as bar­ten­der, visu­al artist, socio-cul­tu­ral ani­ma­tor, stra­te­gic desi­gner, or seni­or con­trol­ler. Tog­e­ther the ten mem­bers fol­low the acti­vi­ties of the thea­ter and perio­di­cal­ly give us feed­back, dis­cuss issu­es, and rai­se ques­ti­ons. The mul­ti­tu­de of perspectives–especially of tho­se far remo­ved from the theater–ought to con­tri­bu­te to making the thea­ter in this city a place for ever­yo­ne or at least for as many as possible.