Thea­ter Club

Wel­co­me to the Neu­markt Thea­ter Club!

The Thea­ter Club has been a part of the Neu­markt for almost fif­ty years. Mem­bers have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to see what hap­pens back­stage and to meet and talk with thea­ter staff. Regu­lar club events also pro­vi­de an occa­si­on to enga­ge in con­ver­sa­ti­on with other per­sons inte­res­ted in thea­ter. The Thea­ter Club informs its mem­bers mon­th­ly via the club newsletter.

Exe­cu­ti­ve Committee

Susan­ne Medi­ci

Nad­ja Keel
Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee Member

Kevin Fries
Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee Member

Eli­sa­be­tha Hal­ter
Exe­cu­ti­ve Com­mit­tee Member


The exe­cu­ti­ve com­mit­tee of the Thea­ter Club steers acti­vi­ties and is in very clo­se con­ta­ct with the thea­ter. Per­sons inte­res­ted in ser­ving on the exe­cu­ti­ve com­mit­tee are very wel­co­me to con­ta­ct us. Mem­bers are elec­ted every two years at the non-pro­fit gene­ral assembly.


Three Rea­sons to Beco­me a Mem­ber of the Thea­ter Club

  • Attend the popu­lar club per­for­man­ces which inclu­de an intro­duc­tion and an aperitif
  • Meet peop­le who share your pas­si­on for the theater
  • Sup­port the Neu­markt as a lively cul­tu­ral site of the Zurich avantgarde 

Thea­ter Club Per­for­man­ces 2021/22

18.09.2021 | 19 Uhr | Mimi­kry: Mater Dolo­ro­sa Bleed

02.10.2021 | 20 Uhr | Madama Butterfly

Fur­ther dates will be publis­hed in advan­ce of the events.


Mem­bers­hip Fees

Mem­bers­hip fees are used as a con­tri­bu­ti­on to indi­vi­du­al per­for­mance pro­jects or to help cover the cos­ts of the infra­st­ruc­tu­re at Neu­markt. A Thea­ter Club mem­bers­hip pro­vi­des a grea­ter oppor­tu­ni­ty to ensu­re the qua­li­ty of our theater.

Donor: CHF 300 / 500*
Stan­dard: CHF 150 / 250*
IV/AHV (dis­ab­led /retired): CHF 100 / 175*
KulturLegi/U30 (limi­ted means/under 30 years old): CHF 50

Pri­ce Struc­tu­re: Sin­gle Per­sons / Couples*

Would you like to join? Do you have a question?

Ms. Susan­ne Medi­ci is avail­ab­le to assist you:

Tele­pho­ne: 044 381 42 02

When regis­tering by email, we need the fol­lowing infor­ma­ti­on: First and Last Name Age Address Telephone/Mobile Num­ber Email Address Type of Membership

Or sim­ply send us the com­ple­ted regis­tra­ti­on form by email or post.