For an Uncon­di­tio­nal Theater

LOVE PLAY FIGHT is our CREED and BATT­LE CRY, an invi­ta­ti­on and a chal­len­ge posed to the city and artists. Under this MOT­TO we are trans­forming the Thea­ter Neu­markt into NEU­MARKT and crea­ting an insti­tu­ti­on with four divisions–PLAYGROUND, THEA­TER, ACA­DE­MY, AND DIGITAL–where per­sons of con­vic­tion can love, play, and argue.

We belie­ve that the Neu­markt invi­tes and encou­ra­ges the­se kinds of enga­ge­ment based on its event­ful histo­ry. The Neu­markt is one of the few insti­tu­ti­ons that has com­mis­sio­ned artis­tic expe­ri­ment and insti­tu­tio­nal cri­tique. This place has repeated­ly made its­elf vul­nerable to attack and through the­se means has trig­ge­red dis­cus­sion. We want to take this qua­li­ty of the Neu­markt to the limit and try to radi­ca­li­ze it. Our aim is to estab­lish a place that loves, fights, plays, brea­thes, moves, argues, and allows contradictions.

We plan to work as an advi­so­ry collec­ti­ve and deve­lop a cul­tu­re in which we make decisi­ons and take respon­si­bi­li­ty for them mutual­ly. We rea­li­ze that collec­ti­ve direc­tion and flat hier­ar­chies requi­re more exchan­ge and grea­ter skills in con­duc­ting dia­lo­gue and dealing with con­flict. We can do it. Espe­cial­ly when it is about con­den­sing and brin­ging dif­fe­rent things tog­e­ther, we trust that collec­ti­ve pro­ces­ses pro­du­ce more inte­res­ting results than con­ven­tio­nal hier­ar­chi­cal manage­ment structures.

We want to be a place that invi­tes ever­yo­ne to joint­ly ask what is worth loving, play­ing, and figh­t­ing for. Zurich needs a place like this.

We’­re serious aboutLOVE PLAY FIGHT and that’s what we stand for.
Your Neu­markt