Love Play Fight

Love. Abso­lu­te devo­ti­on to the pro­gram, to rele­vant mate­ri­al and forms, to the peop­le, to the staff, to artists, and to col­la­bo­ra­tors. Hos­pi­ta­li­ty as love felt for ever­yo­ne who enters the house. For us, LOVE is also the love of pro­duc­ti­ve dif­fe­ren­ces, e.g., working with peop­le from the most varied con­texts, tog­e­ther with a diver­se ensem­ble of inde­pen­dent, dis­tinc­ti­ve artists from dif­fe­rent disci­pli­nes. And that also means working with peop­le who love what they do.

Play. Com­mit­ment to humor and inter­ac­tion, to a plea­sura­ble and play­ful ener­gy that ide­al­ly reaches and inclu­des ever­yo­ne. We want to crea­te the con­di­ti­ons for this: low-thres­hold and out­re­ach and flat hier­ar­chies both intern­al­ly and extern­al­ly, a friend­ly atmo­s­phe­re that inspi­res mutu­al, pro­duc­ti­ve PLAY and that means the staff as well as artists, our guests, and the city. What also hel­ps in this regard is our Sound­ing Board, made up of resi­dents of the city of Zurich, who will regu­lar­ly give feed­back con­cer­ning our pro­gram and our exter­nal communication.

FIGHT. Having an opi­ni­on and taking a stance, put­ting enga­ged, con­tro­ver­si­al con­tent and forms on the pro­gram, as insti­tu­ti­on, as artist. FIGHT also means to assert and fight for the pro­gram, to stand up for ide­as, to cross bor­ders for con­vic­tions, to ques­ti­on per­spec­ti­ves, to let our­sel­ves be vul­nerable to attack, and to see con­flict as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to deve­lop further.