100 ways to say we

An international project about possible presences and futures 

Who is “We”? Who says “we”? And on behalf of whom? “100 Ways to Say We” is a pre-enactment of multiple futures, a speculative utopian look at the possibilities of a maximally large “we.” Artists, theorists, activists, collectives and plants from all over the world propose ways of living and being together from the perspective of an imagined future. 100 contributions emerge as possibilities and ways of 100 contributors.
“100 Ways to Say We” manifests itself as an analog event in the context of the Venice Architecture Biennale, as a live-stream marathon event, and finally as an Internet project in the form of a digital archive of possible presences and futures.

Co-production Goethe-Institut / Performing Architecture & Theater Neumarkt

Visit: www.100ways.space

In the "Activation" series of talks, 2 - 4 contributors and their artistic or theoretical works are presented in each case in order to then discuss together possible ways out of a dystopian-looking present into alternative futures.  

All past streams can be found in the media library:


Diversen Künstler:innen

Production Team

Marco Baravalle

Direktion: Hayat Erdoğan

Kollaborateur*innen: Florian Malzacher

Dramaturgie: Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Website Konzept, Design und Entwicklung: Juan Ferrari

Projektassistenz: Lucia Salomé Gränicher

Hayat Erdoğan

Florian Malzacher

Eneas Nikolai Prawdzic

Juan Ferrari

Lucia Salomé Gränicher