Cheese War

A Systemic Grotesque by Lubna Abou Kheir

"We always have cheese minus. And this is where the problem starts. There's always minus cheese. Let's think you can make a pizza in 30 seconds. Each pizza is 30 cm, or so. And must have 100 grams of cheese. Stress. Every now and then you take more or less. Every Sunday it breaks the reckoning - and everyone says: it wasn't me! That was Yuri! That was Justine!..."

Bitter, overdrawn, and yet spot-on: a tirade against the efficiency hell of contemporary system-relevant working conditions in fast food. Against the dog-eat-dog of the meritocracy, but also against the social romanticism of a theater that still wants to see friendly heroines with likeability in the gutter. After her poetic first work "Gebrochenes Licht" (Neumarkt, 2019), Damascene author Lubna Abou Kheir dedicates her new text to a grotesque from the system-relevant dog-eat-dog world of fast food & food delivery.

The characters have little to lose and give each other nothing. Their names are Ästina or Ananas, Merum, Senf or Amigo and they work in the Swiss branch of a multinational fast-food chain that expects its female employees to produce a pizza in a maximum of 30 seconds, even in lockdowns and flockdowns. By means of slapstick and comedy, with a lot of resilience and sharp humor, the author looks at daily petty wars that take place against the backdrop of gig work and surveillance capitalism at the bottom of the food chain - to our order. 

Directed by Jessica Glause, it becomes a colorful, musical reckoning with the system and what it makes of us. With ham, pineapple - and lots and lots of cheese.

Language German
Supported by Landis & Gyr Foundation and Theaterclub Neumarkt


Brandy Butler, David Gottlieb, Yara Bou Nassar, Jakob Leo Stark, Mara Widmann

Production Team

Text: Lubna Abou Kheir

Regie: Jessica Glause

Dramaturgie: Julia Reichert

Bühne, Kostüme: Mai Gogishvili

Musik: Joe Masi

Lubna Abou Kheir

Jessica Glause

Mara Widmann

Yara Bou Nassar

Brandy Butler

David Gottlieb

Jakob Leo Stark

Julia Reichert

Mai Gogishvili

Joe Masi