The Frontex Protocols - Excerpts

Testimonies of human rights violations

In the Frontex referendum campaign, the political dispute surrounding Switzerland's relationship with the EU is crowding out the debate about the man-made tragedy that takes place every day at the EU's external borders. 

"The Frontex Protocols" lets the testimonies of the border regime speak for themselves. Actors from the Neumarkt read from the escape protocols, which testify to the systematic deprivation of rights through individual fates, and Saule Yerkebayeva, who once herself overcame the fortress walls of the continent, takes the floor. What does the referendum trigger in her and how does she react to the pictures of helpful Frontex employees handing out teddy bears at the Ukrainian border? Together with Philippe Blanc from the Migration Solidarity Network and Fiona Chiappori, she talks about the state of affairs and the question of where the future is heading - Is there hope?

With Philippe Blanc, Fiona Chiappori, Saule Yerkebayeva, Sascha Ö. Soydan und Jakob Leo Stark
Moderation Nikolai Eneas Prawdzic