«Die Hand ist ein einsamer Jäger» by Katja Brunner & Ivna Zic

 Audio piece with live art

A radio play about female-read bodies as sites of the exercise of power: battlefields, projection surfaces and domesticabilities. Pushed into clear spaces, they bear witness to violence, rebellion and self-empowerment. A "kaleidoscope of terror" and at the same time an urgent poetic appeal for solidarity beyond typifying standardizations.
What does it do to you when your body is not really yours? - Or does the shaft abolish itself? How does it become audible that we are somewhere in the echoing / light space between self-alienation and self-empowerment? 

Let's listen together as an invitation: the theater space becomes a common listening space, lying, sitting, standing, walking, one can listen. While listening, one can look: Live in the room a visual work is created by an artist. 

Parts of the resulting image can be auctioned off afterwards, the proceeds go to women* on the run:

"But Katja Brunner's power of language compensates for the topoi we have heard all too often, demonstrating that literary speech is never identical to everyday language, but can generate that poetic added value for which one goes to the theater or listens to radio plays."
(Jochen Meissner / Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

"Narratives like this one are still seen too rarely in the theater - I'd like to see more of them."
(Anna Fastabend / Süddeutsche Zeitung) 

Language German

Directed by Ivna Žic and Katja Brunner 
With voices by Carolin Conrad, Lisa-Katrina Mayer, Laura Naumann, Thiemo Strutzenberger and Katja Brunner 
Composition Matija Schellander 
Sound design Martin Eichberg 
Sound and technology Martin Eichberg, Susanne Beyer 
Dramaturgy Julia Gabel, Johann Mittmann 
Live-drawing Nina Weber  
Production Deutschlandfunk Kultur 2021

Ivna Žic

Katja Brunner