(Un)Doing Silence

"I am a woman. I like to be. There's no complaining. No regrets. No lack. But also no abundance. That's what I want to tell about," writes Mely Kiyak in "Frausein" (being a woman). 

In her directorial debut "Frauengold," the young theater director Kenza Nessaf deals with precisely this: being a woman. "Frauengold" is a performative research and a fragmentary story about women's biographies, women's characters and women's representations in literature and media. About nameless women and famous women. About women who remained unheard and women who made themselves heard. About pin-up fantasies of women and violence against women. 

"Take women's gold and you'll blossom" - with this slogan, the soothing as well as mood-lifting alcohol medicine was brought to women in the 1950s. With it, the man could be sure that in the evening the roast would be on the table, the apartment cleaned, the children taken care of, and the wife/housewife/mother always in a positive mood and smiling. "Frauengold" (Women's gold) is now off the market and the woman - 70 years later - more empowered. But still, when in doubt, woman is silenced, made mute - or else woman is silenced. 

"Frauengold" is an attempt to counteract the silencing and muting of women: the voice. An incredible gift: the ability to tell stories, to be heard. A privilege that all women should have, writes author and feminist Rebecca Solnit, emphasizing that liberation and reevaluation is always a process of storytelling. Breaking stories, breaking silence, inventing new stories - that is (Un)Doing Silence.

Language German & English (with subtitles)
Production Support Ernst Göhner Stiftung


Sofia Elena Borsani, Yara Bou Nassar

Production Team

Director: Kenza Nessaf

Dramaturgy: Hayat Erdoğan

Stage: Michel Schaltenbrand

Music: Rolf Laureijs

Costume: Selina Tholl

Assistant Director: Nina Vedova

Ausstattungsassistenz: Lea Niedermann

Kenza Nessaf

Yara Bou Nassar

Sofia Elena Borsani

Hayat Erdoğan

Michel Schaltenbrand

Selina Tholl

Lea Niedermann