Joseph Vogel on "Capital and Resentment"

Hostility as Capital and the Future of Affect Economics 

Information about money is worth more than money. Platforms enjoy state-like sovereignty. Resentment is a product and a productive force, hostility is capital.

We talk to Joseph Vogl about how it could come to this, how these strange excesses of digitalization can be understood. And, of course, about his book. Because hardly anyone can explain this misery as beautifully as he does: In "Capital and Resentment" the philosopher, literary scholar and cultural scientist explores the interplay between financial capitalism and affect economics - and how the combination of communication technologies and financial economics gives rise to new technologies of control and power. 

A new pre-war era or reason for hope after all? Let`s find out. 

Language German

With Joseph Vogel, Sylke Gruhnwald und Julia Reichert