Played live and filmed by Theater Hora

The Zurich-Premiere

Film fans suspect: References of "Kontaktkiller" to a very similar sounding film by a Finnish cult director are not entirely coincidental. But not least because Remo Beuggert, the director of this live-film remake, soon fell asleep while watching it, this original appears in Theater HORA's version cleansed of quite a few superfluous conflicts, as if pulled through the dream meat grinder and in a completely new light...

The story: Because he does not succeed in committing suicide, a lonely man sets a contract killer on himself. But then, of all things, the miracle happens: he falls in love. Drama! 

Language German
There will be post-show discussions following each performance.


With Noha Badir, Remo Beuggert, Robin Gilly, Serafin Michel, Tiziana Pagliaro and Fredi Senn, Simon Stuber and many more.
Direction & camera Remo Beuggert
Artistic collaboration, music and costumes Amadea Schütz
Assistance Leonie Graf
Idea and concept film remakes Marcel Bugiel
Camera coaching Emanuel Demenga
Consulting film set and light Sophie Reinhard
Press photos Mali Lazell
Production Theater HORA (www.hora.ch)
Co-production Festival Begegnung in der Kunst, Kirchheimbolanden