The Space Within Your Mouth

A performance in three courses

How do we cook and, above all, how do we taste, when taste does not describe an individual touch, but is something socially produced? Three cooks together with sound artists create a three-course meal that directs a hyperfocus on all sensory levels of the human being. Noises, sounds and different aggregate states mix to a bouquet of tastes. 
Engage in a sensory survey of the mouth, listen to memories and follow the playful process of dissection and re-creation. 

Food: Danielle Schnetzer
Sound: molekühl

Main Course 
Food: Sultan Çoban 
Sound: Mira Hirtler 

Food: Margaretha Jüngling
Sound: Luc Häfliger

In the context of the Neumarkt Dramaturgie Studio, a cooperation with the Bachelor Dramaturgie, Zurich University of the Arts.

Picture Sebastian Lendenmann


Sultan Çoban, Luc Häfliger, Mira Hirtler, Margaretha Jüngling, molekühl und Danielle Schnetzer

Production Team

Konzept & Dramaturgie: Lucia Salomé Gränicher

Food: Sultan Çoban, Margaretha Jüngling, Danielle Schnetzer

Sound: Luc Häfliger, Mira Hirtler, molekühl

Raumgestaltung: Eulalie Déguénon und Linus Jacobson

Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit: Sultan Çoban

Lucia Salomé Gränicher