Performative concert 

Can fish speak apple? In his first theater work, ensemble member Yan Balistoy explores a lost connection with musician Sascha Marty and the choir "Soeurs de Coeur". Music, from choral to rap to indie, is his savior in failing attempts to digest reality linguistically. What happens when a child can speak more precisely to strangers than to his own father? Who should conform to whom? Does a fish speak apple or does aphel spik fish?

Language German, Swiss German, English & Hebrew


Yan Balistoy, Sascha Marty und dem Chor «Soeurs de Coeur» (Mara Bollag, Vesna Garstick und Thirza Möschinger)

Production Team

Konzept & Text: Yan Balistoy

Komposition: Sascha Marty und Yan Balistoy

Yan Balistoy