EWS - Der einzige Politthriller der Schweiz

"It's the same as always. No one notices her coming. Chinese already seated at the conference table remain seated. Others chat or turn their backs to her. Only when she briskly begins to walk down her rows do the business delegates jump to their feet. The Federal Councilor's gaze is friendly, her handshake firm and precisely measured. No one is favored. No one is forgotten."
(Margrit Sprecher on Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf (EWS))

Eveline needs a night to think things over. There is the right, but also the wrong moment in life for everything. Crowds of people in front of the Federal Palace are cheering. Posters read "Courage, Eveline" and "Eveline, say yes!". Eveline says yes. Switzerland has never seen that before. Blocher is out, and she is the sixth woman on the Federal Council. The election divides her party and Switzerland. Women cheer, right-wingers curse, left-wingers celebrate the bourgeois. Newspaper Blick writes of "high treason" and is reprimanded by the Press Council, Weltwoche calls her Judas and Brutus. She becomes Swiss Woman of the Year, abolishes banking secrecy, arrests Polanski and saves UBS.

Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf's election to the Federal Council 15 years ago made political history. She, who saw herself as a solution-oriented politician, was overnight at the center of Switzerland's biggest - perhaps only - political thriller. Director Piet Baumgartner, with David Attenberger, Melina Pyschny, Lara Stoll and a chorus of Swiss, devotes himself to women in power and Swiss political culture. A concordant choreography to a Swiss beat. Strange, Helvetic, poetic.

Invited to Schweizer Theatertreffen 2023!

Language: German / Swiss German

Supported by Landis & Gyr Foundation and Ernst Göhner Foundation


David Attenberger, Melina Pyschny, Lara Stoll, Fredy Goldschmid, Pina Köhler, Tanya König, Annette Labusch, Lucy Novotny, Ruth Rüfenacht, Julia Sattler, Salome Schock

Production Team

Regie, Dramaturgie & Konzept: Piet Baumgartner, Julia Reichert

Bühne: Anna Wohlgemuth

Kostüm: Delia C. Keller und Tania Perret

Dramaturgische Mitarbeit: Sophie Nadler

Choreographische Mitarbeit: Rosalie Kirchner

Musikalische Leitung: Annette Labusch

Regieassisstenz : Sophie Nadler

Ausstattungsassistenz: Tania Perret

Hospitanz: Rosalie Kirchner

Videoausschnitte: (C) 2008 & 2018 SRF, lizenziert durch Telepool GmbH Zürich

David Attenberger

Melina Pyschny

Lara Stoll

Piet Baumgartner

Julia Reichert

Tanya König

Anna Wohlgemuth

Delia C. Keller

Tania Perret

Annette Labusch

Julia Sattler

Lucy Novotny

Fredy Goldschmid

Ruth Rüfenacht

Pina Köhler

Salome Schock