Par­la­ment der Din­ge, Tie­re Pflan­zen und Algo­rith­men: Thea­ter als Agi­li­ty­p­ark (Par­lia­ment of things, ani­mals plants and algo­rith­ms: Thea­ter as agi­li­ty park)

The instal­la­ti­ve per­for­mance with the mot­to Thea­ter as Agi­li­ty­p­ark is part of the resi­den­cy “Par­lia­ment of Things, Ani­mals, Plants and Algo­rith­ms”. In it, artists Serai­na Dür and Jonas Gill­mann explo­re cross-spe­ci­es sto­ry­tel­ling and living tog­e­ther. Tog­e­ther with four pigeons, the resi­dents found the first inter­spe­ci­es thea­ter com­pa­ny. In addi­ti­on, the resi­dents prac­ti­ce a future, less anthropo­centric coexis­tence tog­e­ther with the audi­ence with com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on kits, séan­ces, mobi­le dovecot and rea­ding groups. Inspi­red by theo­rists such as Lynn Mar­gu­lis and Don­na Hara­way, the Resident*s search for ways of rela­ting to the non-human that account for the com­plex ent­an­gle­ments in a dama­ged world.

Admis­si­on to the instal­la­ti­on per­for­mance at Chor­gas­se 5 on the hour.