Fle­shy inter­face: how to live in ano­t­her body for an hour

For Fle­shy Inter­face the wri­ter Quinn Lati­mer deli­vers a lec­tu­re-per­for­mance on the ero­tic act of rea­ding for and breat­hing with an audi­ence for an hour — or, likely, less. Her lec­tu­re takes its tit­le from a seven­tie­se­ra Tho­mas James poem in which the then young Ame­ri­can poet noted: “For our own pri­va­te rea­sons / We live in each other for an hour. / Stran­ger, I take your body and its sea­sons, / Awa­re the moon has gone a litt­le sour / For us. The moon hangs up the­re like a stone / Shaken out of its pro­per set­ting.” With her rea­ding, Lati­mer will attempt to shake us out of our pro­per set­ting, like some loo­se moon, that cheap jewel.