Fle­shy Inter­face: (Un)knot the knots, Sonic Spells as per­for­ma­ti­ve action

for the ope­ning cere­mo­ny of fle­shy inter­face at neu­markt musi­ci­an, dj and cura­tor nki­si is using the ban­tu ritu­al ree­nact­ment of knot­ting and unknot­ting. tog­e­ther with the audi­ence she con­ju­res sonic pos­ses­si­on and sonic spell­work as stra­te­gies of sur­vi­val and ways of knowing the hid­den invi­si­ble kins of know­ledge as the only way to divert. crea­ting sonic spells through per­for­ma­ti­ve action beco­mes anti-music — against method and genre.