Sounding Board
Our Eyes That See Us from Outside

We understand hospitality as a stance, not as decor or a transaction. A guest is a friend, neither a consumer nor a stranger asking for a cultural service. Our Sounding Board, made up of ten city residents, helps us to reflect on whether and how this invitation to enjoy our hospitality has been received. The youngest member is twenty-two, the oldest about thirty years older. One has not set foot in the theater for a decade and the other attends around 300 events per season – some even three times. Some were born in Zurich, others in a neighboring canton, in Turkey, or in Sudan. They study history, enjoy their retirement, develop real estate projects, advise foundations and philanthropic projects, moderate news on the radio, work as bartender, visual artist, socio-cultural animator, strategic designer, or senior controller. Together the ten members follow the activities of the theater and periodically give us feedback, discuss issues, and raise questions. The multitude of perspectives–especially of those far removed from the theater–ought to contribute to making the theater in this city a place for everyone or at least for as many as possible.