Love Play Fight

Love. Absolute devotion to the program, to relevant material and forms, to the people, to the staff, to artists, and to collaborators. Hospitality as love felt for everyone who enters the house. For us, LOVE is also the love of productive differences, e.g., working with people from the most varied contexts, together with a diverse ensemble of independent, distinctive artists from different disciplines. And that also means working with people who love what they do.

Play. Commitment to humor and interaction, to a pleasurable and playful energy that ideally reaches and includes everyone. We want to create the conditions for this: low-threshold and outreach and flat hierarchies both internally and externally, a friendly atmosphere that inspires mutual, productive PLAY and that means the staff as well as artists, our guests, and the city. What also helps in this regard is our Sounding Board, made up of residents of the city of Zurich, who will regularly give feedback concerning our program and our external communication.

FIGHT. Having an opinion and taking a stance, putting engaged, controversial content and forms on the program, as institution, as artist. FIGHT also means to assert and fight for the program, to stand up for ideas, to cross borders for convictions, to question perspectives, to let ourselves be vulnerable to attack, and to see conflict as an opportunity to develop further.