Das Gewitter

Vom Enden der Zeit

The knowledge of transience hovers like a sword of Damocles over our heads and drives us before it, all the way to the grave. We step up, lament, laugh and step down. In the end, we will ask ourselves where time has disappeared to, and what it actually was, this life?

Director Franz-Xaver Mayr and his team approach this mysterious entity via a magical house. Those who cross its threshold embark on a journey through their own lives. In this theater evening, which is as tender as it is grotesque, three young people find shelter in this house on a stormy night. Inside, they come across a book about themselves: about endless afternoons at the lake, a dog, pants, tears at work, stainless steel pools and boat trips ... And before they know it, they find themselves in the middle of life, a colorful trip through their own existence unfolds. Biographical snippets, festive costumes, allegories and melancholic sounds condense into a stage poem about the finiteness of our existence and the collateral damage of a mercilessly advancing time.

- Stroboscopic lighting is used during the performance.
- Due to an injury during final rehearsals, the performances will take place without actress Yara Bou Nassar.

Supoorted by Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker Stiftung and Ernst Göhner Stiftung 

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  • datum

    11 Apr 2023

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    CHF 45.-/30.-/15.-

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    Saal Neumarkt

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    Das Gewitter