(-_-) Expose intelligence agencies

Outline Talk by Lilith Wittmann & pajowu 

Uncovering the cover organizations of German secret services is great fun for the whole family. In their talk, Lilith and pajowu take a look at the history of the German secret services, how (badly) they hide, and show how to find even the front agencies they hide behind and why that's important.

In the process, they demystify what at first glance appear to be fearsome organizations and raise the question of whether secret services fit into a democracy at all.

Language: German
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Lilith Wittmann
is a security researcher and activist from Berlin. She is concerned with state and government technologies and their impact on society. In this context, she most enjoys investigating the digital infrastructure of security agencies as well as startups that want to solve societal problems with software.

pajowu is a security researcher, activist and dazzling internet unicorn from Berlin.

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    17 Sep 2022

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    CHF 45.-/30.-/15.-

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    Foyer Neumarkt