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Anto­nio Scarponi


If you would have to choo­se: Love play or fight?

Honest­ly? I would cho­se loveplayfight.

How do you pro­tect yourself?


The hero of your youth?

Zor­ba the greek.

What was your last dream?

Umm, you do not want to know…

What do you learn pri­mar­ly in theater?

I have lear­ned the art of memo­ry and that “true Theat­re” is an oxymoron.

What do you unlearn pri­mar­ly in theater?

I for­got!

Does rea­li­ty deser­ve suspiciousness?

Only to the extend in which “sus­pi­cious­ness” deser­ves reality.

How do you rela­te do plants, ani­mals and algorithms?

Plants and ani­mals no pro­blem. But algo­rith­ms rela­te to me even if I do not want to.

Do you belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of protest?

I belie­ve that “yes” is the new “no”.

Are you for sale?

My time is. Not always thought.

What does a dog think?

What a dog of a life.

How do you place yourself in the face of boundaries?

By the right side. I am left han­ded, you know?

Do you have a demon?

I sell them. Do you need one?

Are the bounda­ries of per­cep­ti­on diffuse?

If they are bounda­ries, how the hell could they be diffuse?

What con­trols you?

The algo­rithm, but which is also con­trol­led by my subconscious.

Did rea­son ever disap­point you?

Always. They lea­ve no space for fan­ta­sies. Is that a good reason?

Is a revo­lu­ti­on necessary?

Ano­t­her oxymoron?

Are you a) too soft b) too har­sh c) too good for this world?

Muham­med Ali said: too fast too pretty.

What is time?

It is time. The right one.

What are you afraid of?


What are you devo­ted for?

Life. In all forms and desires.

What is it worth figh­t­ing for?

Desi­res. The deep ones thought. One has to cho­se what to fight for.

What is your favo­ri­te game?

Back­gam­mon at the moment.

Neu­markt means… to you?

A cool place with cool peop­le. AKA a light­house in the midd­le of the sea.

Your favo­ri­te word?


What is your fight?

Love is play, which is my fight.

What illu­si­on you like to indul­ge in?

Love. Defi­ni­te­ly.

With whom to you like to talk the most?

To the ones are no lon­ger here.

What would you ask death in private?

I ask them help, com­pre­hen­si­on and patience.

For what are you proud for?

I am proud of some of the fights I have chose.

What do you want to do when you’re old?

Artists never are.

Is the­re a thin­ker that accom­pa­nies you at the moment?

Pla­to and Aris­to­te­les. The more I move on, the more I go back to the­se guys.

Love or money?


Child or pet?


For what is it worth figh­t­ing for?

Anti-stan­dard believes.

Your first thea­ter experience?


The worst love­song ever?

Love me tender.

Your favou­rite cur­se word?

Por­ca Merda

If you would not work in a thea­ter, you’d be…?

Ever­yo­ne works in a theat­re. Most peop­le just never rea­li­sed it.

Your most embarr­as­sing moment on stage?

Not knowing what is next and who is who.

What is your most un-use­ful talent?

Enough oxy­mo­rons!

Why Neu­markt?

I guess becau­se I worth it.

Who was the star you felt in love first?

Madon­na, in “Like a Virgin”.

If you could own one pie­ce of art, which one would you choose?

Too much trou­ble, I rather make some rather than own it.

In what do you believe?

I belie­ve times has come.

What books is on your bedsi­de table?

Last week I met a wri­ter who deve­lo­ped a novel seri­es of a libra­ri­an who does book the­ra­py. After this din­ner I went online and I bought 100.- of books. They are all by my bedsi­de table.

In which idea you stay devo­ted to?

I am devo­ted to ide­as, in general.

What was the best advice you were given?

To go to stu­dy architecture.

What was your weir­dest dream?

What can be weird in a dream?

Who is your favou­rite actor / actress?

Bru­no Ganz. Nice dude. I met him ones by chan­ce. He was tog­e­ther with some friend of mine also met them by chan­ce. He spo­ke rather well Ita­li­an. I asked: “have we met befo­re”? He said: “I am not sure, but may­be you have seen some of my movies”! He then named a few and laug­hed nice­ly. He con­que­red my hart.

If you’d have a free flight ticket, whe­re would you go?

Right now? In Sicily.

What was the best pre­sent that you got from someo­ne or you gave to someo­ne?

The best pre­sent I recei­ved was a scarf. But I mean “the scarf”. I ask mys­elf: whe­re have you been all my life. The best pre­sent I gave? A sun ring. I loved it.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I would be hap­py to inform “my world”. I do not want to bore the who­le thing.

Uber or Taxi?

It depends.

Anto­nio Scar­po­ni is an archi­tect, desi­gner and edu­ca­tor who moved from the indus­try of buil­dings and making things, to the indus­try that chan­ges the­se indus­tries.
He is a “left-han­ded” archi­tect: thinks like a desi­gner, draws like an artist, dreams like a poet. someo­ne said he is a “fan­tas­ta”.
Foun­der of the Zurich based prac­ti­ce con­cep­tu­al devices, he stu­di­ed archi­tec­tu­re at Coo­per Uni­on, New York and at Iuav, Veni­ce, from which he holds a phd in urban design.
He con­cei­ves design as a cul­tu­ral tool for social enga­ge­ment. his pro­jects take the forms of nar­ra­ti­ons that enga­ge local com­mu­nities, indus­tries, agen­ci­es.
In the past years, he has been acti­ve in the field of resi­li­ent urban stra­te­gies with a strong focus on urban agri­cul­tu­re. he desi­gned several soil­less urban agri­cul­tu­ral pro­jects at dif­fe­rent sca­les of inter­ven­ti­ons from start-ups to the UN-world food sys­tem, to a book to show how to grow food with ikea parts (www.eliooo.com).
He taught and lec­tu­red in Euro­pe, North Ame­ri­ca and Japa­ne­se uni­ver­si­ties. Cur­r­ent­ly, he tea­ches exhi­bi­ti­on sce­no­gra­phy at the mas­ter in art edu­ca­ti­on and cura­to­ri­al stu­dies and inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry design at the the Zurich uni­ver­si­ty of the arts.
He col­la­bo­ra­ted with several design maga­zi­nes, inclu­ding, Domus, Abi­t­a­re, Wired, Archi­tec­tu­ral Design, amc. He recei­ved many pri­zes and awards inclu­ding the “best of the swiss design 2017” and nomi­na­ti­on for the swiss arts awards in 2018.
In 2008 he recei­ved the cur­ry stone design pri­ze, awar­ding social design pioneers.