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Elie Autin



Elie Autin joins the Manu­fac­tu­re (Lau­sanne) HES-SO in 2016, to fol­low the Bachelor’s degree in Con­tem­pora­ry Dance with a Crea­ti­on opti­on com­ple­ted in June 2019.
During their stu­dies, Elie meets dif­fe­rent artists and cho­reo­graph­ers such as David Zam­bra­no who invi­tes them to per­form a solo for the ope­ning of his art cen­ter in Brussels (Tic Tac Art cen­ter) in 2018.
Also as a model and pho­to model, Elie per­forms and poses for dif­fe­rent artists, which also allows them to evol­ve in a dif­fe­rent envi­ron­ment from that of dance.

Now 23 years old and just out of the Manu­fac­tu­re, Elie par­ti­ci­pa­tes in several crea­ti­ons and also deve­lo­ps his own work, nota­b­ly with Tama­ra Alegre, Nata­sha Ger­lach, Juli­et­te Uzor, Nagi Gian­ni and others.