Teena­ge girls project

What does it mean to be a young woman in 2021? What do young women tell us about their chal­len­ges and their aspirations? 

Tog­e­ther with our part­ner school Lachen­zelg, some stu­dents had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to deal with their per­so­nal topics and issu­es under the gui­d­ance of Tine Milz and Man­dy Abou Shoak and to rea­li­ze their own pro­jects with Thea­ter Neu­markt. In terms of con­tent, all pro­jects revol­ve around the­mes such as being a girl, empower­ment, femi­nism, and expo­sing injus­ti­ce. All pro­jects will be shown during two after­noons in dif­fe­rent artis­tic formats.

On May 12, 2021, Lyenne pres­ents a panel dis­cus­sion with experts Tama­ra Funi­ci­el­lo, Ago­ta Lavoy­er, and Anna-Béatri­ce Schmal­tz on the topic of “Sexua­li­zed Vio­lence.“
Lena does a talk show with influ­en­cer and fashion blog­ger Lisa Ban­hol­zer on the topic of “self-con­fi­dence”.

On May 19, Juli­et­te will show her short film, which is about sign lan­guage and deals with the inter­face bet­ween the expe­ri­ence of an affec­ted per­son and her own exter­nal per­cep­ti­on.
Selin and Lay­la show their pho­to pro­jects, which deal with the topic “youth” and “one’s own (er)life”.

A joint pilot pro­ject by Thea­ter Neu­markt and Schu­le Lachen­zelg

May 2021
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By and with

Man­dy Abou Shoak, Tine Milz, a group of girls and various guests

Pro­duc­tion Team

con­cept: man­dy abou shoak, tine milz

guests: Tama­ra Funi­ci­el­lo, Ago­ta Lavoy­er, Anna-Béatri­ce Schmal­tz, Lisa Banholzer

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