fle­shy interface

Ope­ning Fes­ti­val and Sum­mer Academy

The cross-insti­tu­tio­nal ope­ning fes­ti­val “Fle­shy Inter­face” com­bi­nes per­for­mance, work­shops and dis­cour­se on the the­mes of phy­si­ca­li­ty and touch. The body as a medi­um and as an instru­ment in the per­forming arts, the digi­tal body, bodi­less­ness, and the lon­ging to touch and be touched move to the cen­ter of atten­ti­on in our par­ti­cu­lar time of phy­si­cal distance: “Skin-tight poli­tics, a poli­tic that takes as its ori­en­ta­ti­on not the body as such, but the fle­shy inter­face bet­ween bodies and worlds.” (Sara Ahmed)

As an inter­face bet­ween bodies and worlds, the skin is a bor­der and a tran­si­ti­on, it pro­tects and is vul­nerable, bears traces of our expe­ri­en­ces and, last but not least, marks poli­ti­cal and social con­flicts. Simi­lar to skin, the screen deli­mits worlds and beco­mes our inter­face with the world during the lock­down. Bor­ders are sea­led, encoun­ters are regu­la­ted and skin, mucous mem­bra­ne and body are stig­ma­tised and poli­ti­cis­ed. “Fle­shy Inter­face” sear­ches for com­mon points of con­ta­ct, puts the body at the cent­re and advo­ca­tes an idea of con­ta­mi­na­ti­on through col­la­bo­ra­ti­on and encoun­ter. The cul­tu­ral insti­tu­ti­ons in Zurich are pul­ling tog­e­ther and rea­li­sing a week-long fes­ti­val of encounters.

Initia­ted by Neu­markt in coope­ra­ti­on with Caba­ret Vol­taire, Fabrik­thea­ter, Gess­ne­ral­lee, Helfe­rei, Kunst­hal­le, Lite­ra­tur­haus, Schau­spiel­haus, Shed­hal­le, Tanz­haus, Thea­ter Win­kel­wie­se, ZHdK.

Infor­ma­ti­on on work­shops can be found in the pro­gram book­let. The work­shops are open to the public. The num­ber of par­ti­ci­pants is limi­ted. The exis­ting hygie­ne rules and recom­men­da­ti­ons of BAG app­ly. A bin­ding regis­tra­ti­on until 11.9.2020 is reques­ted. Regis­tra­ti­on for all work­shops at fleshyinterface@stage.theaterneumarkt.ch

pic­tures: ©james bantone

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work­shops, lec­tures und per­for­man­ces by and with

Tama­ra Alegre, Mau­rin Diet­rich, Lydia Öst­berg Dia­ki­té, Serai­na Dür, Nunu Flash­dem, Jonas Gill­mann, Robyn Had­den, Anna Hei­ni­mann, Flo­ren­ti­na Holz­in­ger, Cas­sie-Augus­ta Jør­gen­sen, Carol R. Kal­lend, Nils Ama­de­us Lan­ge, Quinn Lati­mer, Isa­bel Lewis, Célia Lut­an­gu, Anni­na Mach­az, NKI­SI, Anne­lie­se Oster­tag, Lil­ly Pfal­zer, Rory Pil­grim, Marie-Fran­ce Rafa­el, Chris­toph Rath/CONG, Raum­pa­trouil­le Wintsch No.5, Rahel Spöh­rer, Dia­mond Stingi­ly, Lucie Tuma, caner teker, Marie Ursin, Sen­thu­ran Varat­ha­ra­jah, Tere­sa Vittucci

con­cep­ti­on & idea Tine Milz