Gre­tel und Hänsel

An enchan­ting edu­ca­tio­nal pie­ce of anti-capi­ta­lism for all peop­le from 5 years onwards

Two child­ren are aban­do­ned in the forest becau­se the­re is not enough food for the who­le fami­ly. The well-known fai­ry tale, which deals with fear, cou­ra­ge, hope, cohe­si­on, pover­ty and abundance, has been told to child­ren for several cen­tu­ries. For this rein­ter­pre­ta­ti­on — loo­se­ly based on the Bro­thers Grimm — Lan­ge, Mach­az and the musi­ci­ans Xza­vier Stone and Mer­lin Modu­law are aiming for one thing abo­ve all: that it will be sca­ry and fun­ny. Capi­ta­lism is exp­lai­ned by rab­bits, fears are shred­ded in the fear shred­der, blind gal­le­ry owners fizz­le out under foam bombs, bears with diges­ti­ve pro­blems pro­tect Gre­tel and Han­sel, com­ra­de trees sing songs against the injus­ti­ces of the world, and a gree­dy bird shows child­ren the way back. “Gre­tel und Hän­sel” is a fai­ry tale for adults and child­ren, which takes eco­no­mic hardship as the big issue of our time as its star­ting point and attracts and enchants the audi­ence, just like the witch in her gin­ger­b­read house.

An evening with a twink­le in the eye. […] The play­ful­ness, the wit and the light­ness of the evening […] have gre­at class. A fun­ny, color­ful and in ges­tu­re abso­lute­ly con­tem­pora­ry fai­ry tale retel­ling. (SRF Kul­tur Kompakt)

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Nina Emge, Anna Hof­mann, Nils Ama­de­us Lan­ge, Anni­na Mach­az, Jakob Leo Stark und Rahel Sternberg

Pro­duc­tion Team

Direc­tion & Equip­ment: Anni­na Mach­az und Nils Ama­de­us Lange

dra­ma­tur­gy: tine milz

music: daryl stone & mer­lin Züllig

assi­stant direc­tor: seli­na hess

Sta­ge col­la­bo­ra­ti­on & equip­ment assi­s­tance: Lea Niedermann

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