İlk­nurs Leckerei

A yeast cake and the sto­ry behind it

Plum cake, lemon roll, flo­ren­ti­nes, nut cakes, straw­ber­ry cream cake, fluffy zebra cake, Danu­be wave, fan­cy cake, hazel­nut wreath, car­rot cake, apple pockets, cher­ry buns, yeast dum­plings, egg rolls, love bones, poor knights, yeast dough.
… And yeast dough is the very favo­ri­te dough of actress and artist İlk­nur Baha­dir. Yeast dough brings back memo­ries of child­hood, the sweet smell of the soft aro­ma­tic dough sedu­ces the pala­te and makes us dream and remi­nis­ce for a short time. For İlk­nur Baha­dir, baking and eman­ci­pa­ti­on are not in ten­si­on. Baking was an escape from iso­la­ti­on and lone­li­ness for her – first during her child­hood and gro­wing up, now during lock­downs. The extent to which she asso­cia­tes baking with the act of eman­ci­pa­ti­on, the act of free­dom, an act of devo­ti­on and pas­si­on, she tells in the poe­tic per­so­nal sto­ry “İlknur’s Deli­cacy”, which filmma­ker Lisa Böff­gen tog­e­ther with İlk­nur Baha­dir and Neu­markt have tur­ned into a movie. “İlknur’s tre­at” invi­tes you to dis­co­ver the tou­ch­ing and enchan­ting sto­ry at home.

The Neu­markt trans­forms its ticket office into a pop-up bak­e­ry up until the end of Febru­a­ry and during this lock­down. First purcha­se a ticket in the online ticket store or at the ticket office, then rede­em it for a yeast cake and the exclu­si­ve QR code for the film at the ticket office­/­pop-up bak­e­ry its­elf. No deli­ve­ries pos­si­ble; as long as stocks last.

We recom­mend that you reser­ve your ticket and yeast rolls one day befo­re, then take a luncht­i­me walk to the Nie­der­dorf on the selec­ted day, and enjoy the deli­caci­es in the after­noon in front of your screen in comfort.

Neu­markt would like to thank for the kind sup­port of Pitec AG for the knea­ding machi­ne and the oven Unter­neh­men Mit­te in Basel for the pos­si­bi­li­ty of filming Cover Media AG for the sound record­ing, Thea­ter Basel for the ligh­t­ing and Alain Szer­da­he­lyi for his sup­port during the shoo­ting and food styling.


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Ílknur Baha­dir

Pro­duc­tion Team

Con­cept, idea, direc­tion and yeast dough: İlk­nur Bahadir

Movie: Lisa Böffgen

Dra­ma­tur­gy und con­cept assi­s­tance: Tine Milz

Design­Pop-up-bak­e­ry and logo: Sime­on Meier

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