Know Your Enemy

Walk-in audio and radio play installations

Know your enemy – do we know our enemies? And what is that actual­ly, an enemy, an enemy ste­reo­ty­pe? What if we expe­ri­ence our­sel­ves as the enemy? Some­ti­mes ant­ago­nists are obvious­ly reco­gniz­ab­le, some­ti­mes they are hid­den and can­not be unmas­ked as such. What do we actual­ly attri­bu­te to whom? And what do my enemies say about me?

We move in the field of ten­si­on bet­ween man and natu­re, man and tech­no­lo­gy, and man vs. man. Nar­ra­ti­ves are scru­ti­ni­zed and radi­cal­ly retold. What does it sound like when ani­mal and human meet? What do sexu­al encoun­ters bet­ween bodies sound like? How long is the list of ani­mals that beca­me extinct in the Anthropo­ce­ne, any­way? And what hap­pens when one’s own fan­ta­sies or sexua­li­ty beco­mes the enemy?

ZHdK stu­dents from dif­fe­rent majors dis­sect the­se ques­ti­ons and trans­form them into audi­to­ry for­mats that can be expe­ri­en­ced spa­ti­al­ly in Chorgasse.

A coope­ra­ti­on with the thea­ter pro­gram of the Zurich Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts

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By and with:

Nina Bal­mer, Anna-Katha­ri­na Bánó, Salo­mon Baum­gart­ner, Anna Rebec­ca Bert­ram, Ed Bracey, Jana Bränd­le, Lucia Grä­ni­cher, Vero­ni­ka Mül­ler-Haus­zer, Char­lot­te Oeken, Car­lo Rasel­li, Kian Schwa­be, Ste­fa­nie Stef­fen, Ophe­lia Sul­li­van, Leo­nar­do Raab, Edith Kaupp Riva­denei­ra, Jan­na Anto­nia Rott­mann, Luca Vin­cen­zi, Max Woel­ky und wei­te­re Kompliz*innen


Con­cept and manage­ment: Erik Altor­fer, Sabi­ne Harbeke

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