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matt ohare

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If you would have to choo­se: Love play or fight? 

For me, play means inter­ac­ting with what’s around you — tes­ting bounda­ries and capa­bi­li­ties. What is lear­ned through play pro­vi­des valu­able infor­ma­ti­on that I think allows you to make bet­ter decisi­ons (a kind of pro­tec­tion, I suppose).

The hero of your youth?

India­na Jones: a pro­fes­sor who hates fascists and goes on adventures.

What was your last dream?

A lot of my dreams seem to invol­ve being in some kind of post-apo­ca­lyp­tic city whe­re peop­le have con­ver­ted old wareh­ouses into self-sus­tai­ning living spaces. I think it embo­dies both my fear of the future and my desi­re for this kind of com­mu­nal lifestyle.

What do you learn in theater?

I think theat­re is most valu­able as a means of under­stan­ding human inter­ac­tion in a live and heigh­te­ned context.

What do you unlearn in theater?

Hope­ful­ly we unlearn old points of view or beliefs that have out­li­ved their use­ful­ness. Hope­ful­ly we unlearn the walls of pro­tec­tion we build around ourselves.

Does rea­li­ty deser­ve suspiciousness?

I belie­ve anything we take for gran­ted deser­ves our skep­ti­cism (and our generosity).

How do you rela­te to plants, ani­mals and algorithms?

With open­ness and skepticism.


Matt O’Hare ist ein ame­ri­ka­ni­scher Thea­ter­ma­cher, Dozent und Medi­en­künst­ler, mit einem Schwer­punkt auf dem Zusam­men­spiel von Kul­tur und Tech­no­lo­gie. Er rea­li­sier­te meh­re­re mul­ti­me­dia­le Thea­ter­ar­bei­ten in den Ver­ei­nig­ten Staa­ten, u.a. «No Exit» (2019), «The Cure For All Dise­a­se» (2017),  «We The New Com­mu­ni­ty» (2016), Sam She­pard and Joseph Chaikin’s «Tongues» (2013). 2013/14 tour­te er mit der new-media-Thea­ter­kom­ap­gnie The Buil­ders Asso­cia­ti­on mit den Pro­duk­tio­nen «House/Divided» und «Son­tag: Reborn».  2019/20 ent­wi­ckelt er an der Uni­ver­si­ty of Hous­ton eine live-action Fort­set­zung des Films «Water­world». Am Rens­sela­er Poly­tech­nic Insti­tu­te dok­to­rier­te er in Elec­tro­nic Arts.

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer