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mike bon­an­no

regie, per­for­mance & kollaborateur*in 

Do you belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of protest?

Pro­test works. Some­ti­mes if doesn’t feel like it, but you have to take a long view to see how many fail­u­res lead to success.

If you would have to choo­se: Love, play or fight?

I start with the love and the play fol­lows. Figh­t­ing is not my thing.

How do you pro­tect yourself? 

I like to use humor to pro­tect mys­elf. Howe­ver, not ever­yo­ne gets the jokes.

What do you learn pri­mar­ly in theater?

Befo­re lear­ning anything in thea­ter I had to learn that I was making thea­ter. It was not clear to me until someo­ne told me. So I lear­ned that thea­ter is a thing you can make without knowing it.

Is a revo­lu­ti­on necessary?

A non-vio­lent revo­lu­ti­on is bad­ly nee­ded to derail pla­net-des­troy­ing capi­ta­lism befo­re our own cul­tu­re eats our future.

What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of the chan­ce that revo­lu­ti­on does not hap­pen. I am also sca­red of my ex wife.


Igor Vamos, gebo­ren 1968, ist Polit- und Medi­en­ak­ti­vist, und als Mike Bon­an­no gemein­sam mit Andy Bichlbaum seit bald 20 Jah­ren Teil des US-Ame­ri­ka­ni­schen Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­gue­ril­la-Duo The Yes Men. Mit ihrer Metho­de, sich als Ver­tre­ter einer Orga­ni­sa­ti­on (Reprä­sen­tan­ten der Welt­han­dels­or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on, Hal­li­bur­ton oder Exxon Mobi­le) aus­zu­ge­ben und die Medi­en zu nut­zen, um deren Stra­te­gien zu ent­lar­ven, sowie den dar­aus resul­tie­ren­den Fil­men «The Yes Men»,  «The Yes Men are Revol­ting» und «The Yes Men Fix The World» hat das Duo nicht nur Medi­en­ge­schich­te geschrie­ben, son­dern auch real-poli­ti­sche Kon­se­quen­zen pro­vo­ziert. Vamos lehrt als Pro­fes­sor für Medi­en­kunst am Rens­sela­er Poly­tech­nic Insti­tu­te. «They Shoot Hor­ses, Don’t They» ist sei­ne ers­te Arbeit im Theater.

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer