mimi­kry: mater dolo­ro­sa bleed

An immer­si­ve daugh­ter school 

In “Mater Dolo­ro­sa Bleed”, THE AGEN­CY and their ensem­ble deal with the myths about mother­hood, pregnan­cy and fami­ly with a spot­light on a new coun­ter-figu­re: the sur­ro­ga­te mother.

The histo­ry of the Mater Dolo­ro­sa Girls School in the pre­mi­ses of today’s Neu­markt Thea­ter goes back to the 19th cen­tu­ry: a disci­pli­na­ry insti­tu­ti­on in which young women were trai­ned into the roles of unpaid repro­duc­tion workers and wives assi­gned to them in the capi­ta­list divi­si­on of labor. For several deca­des, howe­ver, the Mater Dolo­ro­sa has ser­ved the M_others as a place of refu­ge: apart from the nuclear fami­ly, the “Vio­la­tors of the Paren­ting Norm” are born here, form a queer-femi­nist DIY under­ground cli­nic, a wit­ches’ asso­cia­ti­on and exchan­ge prac­ti­ces and know­ledge around paren­ting, pregnan­ci­es, abor­ti­ons, her­bal birth con­trol, and self-exami­na­ti­ons.
This fra­gi­le eco­sys­tem sud­den­ly threa­tens to spi­ral out of con­trol when one of the m_others comes up with a plan to trans­form the Mater Dolo­ro­sa into a sur­ro­ga­te mother cooperative.

The audi­ence is invi­ted to visit the Mater Dolo­ro­sa as a novice whe­re they will come into per­so­nal con­ta­ct with the M_others, learn and share know­ledge in small groups, obser­ve their ritu­als and have the choice to join them — M_others of all gen­ders unite!

With terms, quo­tes, and nou­ris­hed by inspi­ra­ti­on from Sil­via Fede­ri­ci, Alexis Pau­li­ne Gumbs, Aud­re Lour­de, Sophie Lewis, Amri­ta Pan­de, WITCH, DiPet­sa, Deird­re Coo­per Owens, Les­lie Jami­son, Mat­hil­de Cohen, and War­san Shire.


Lan­guage:In Mater Dolo­ro­sa Bleed we will be spea­king a mix­tu­re of eng­lish and ger­man language.


Fami­ly and “kindship” also inclu­des pro­fes­sio­nal care for child­ren from kin­der­gar­ten age. We offer child­ca­re during the fol­lowing performances:

Sunday 19 Sep­tem­ber / 16:00

Satur­day 25 Sep­tem­ber / 19:00

Sunday 26. Sep­tem­ber / 16:00

We have pro­vi­ded books, films and craft mate­ri­als on the topics of fami­ly & birth. Bring your kids and expe­ri­ence thea­ter tog­e­ther! Limi­ted quan­ti­ty. Regis­tra­ti­on until 2 days befo­re the per­for­mance at: tickets@theaterneumarkt.ch

THE AGEN­CY was foun­ded in 2015 by Bel­le San­tos, Mag­da­le­na Emme­rig, Rahel Spöh­rer and Yana Thön­nes. Tog­e­ther they crea­te immer­si­ve thea­tri­cal works from a femi­nist per­spec­ti­ve in which the audi­ence is gent­ly enga­ged and immer­sed in a world of their own.

A Coope­ra­ti­on of FFT Düs­sel­dorf, Krems Donau­fes­ti­val & Thea­ter Neumarkt

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by and with:

Susan­ne Sachs­se, Bran­dy But­ler, Yara Bou Nas­sar, Chal­len­ge Gum­bo­de­te, Nile Koet­ting, Jakob Leo Stark, Bel­le San­tos, Sofie Luck­hardt, Yana Thön­nes, Alma Ehren­baum, Ben­ja­min Bubica

Pro­duc­tion Team

Artis­tic Direc­tion: Bel­le San­tos, Yana Thön­nes, Sofie Luck­hardt (The Agency)

Sound Design: Nile Koetting

Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on artis­tic rese­arch & con­cep­ti­on: Mag­da­le­na Emme­rig, Rahel Spöhrer

artis­tic pro­duc­tion manage­ment: Sofie Luckhardt

Dra­ma­tur­gy: Tine Milz

Assi­stant direc­tors: Ken­za Nes­saf / Vero­ni­ka Müller-Hauszer

Internship direc­tion: Nina Vedova

Assi­s­tance equip­ment: Lea Nie­der­mei­er, Jana Brändle

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