In the begin­ning was the Word and the forest was the Word — long befo­re man kil­led the pro­tec­tor of the forest and natu­re fell silent. Sin­ce then, invi­si­ble as the wind, a myth con­ti­nues to resound, tel­ling of the decisi­ve batt­le bet­ween man and the gods of the forest. When the veil of night falls over the world, peop­le gather around the fire and tell each other the legend. Monon­o­ke — the one rai­sed by the wol­ves — awa­kens anew and goes to war with the gods of the forest against the humans. She meets the prince of the lost peop­le, who is wil­ling to stand in the way of the hat­red that has been sown.
In MONON­O­KE, direc­tor Felix Rothen­häus­ler and sound artist Hen­drik Weber (Pan­tha du Prince) and their team take up whe­re the dia­lo­gue bet­ween man and natu­re threa­tens to dry up in the legend of the same name: by means of words, move­ment and music, they crea­te a space of under­stan­ding, reso­nance, coexis­tence.
MONON­O­KE is a music thea­ter pro­ject for the Anthropo­ce­ne — the man-made age of the ato­mic bomb, glo­bal war­ming, spe­ci­es extinc­tion and bur­ning vir­gin forests — with the attempt to over­co­me the sepa­ra­ti­on bet­ween man and natu­re through a new myth.

pic­tu­re: phil­ip frowein

pre­mie­re (saal): 29.1.2020

loca­ti­on: neu­markt saal/digital


direc­tion: felix rothenhäuser

direc­tion & music: hen­drik weber

dra­ma­tur­gy: Niko­lai prawdzic

room: katha­ri­na schütz

cos­tu­me: elke von sivers

assi­stant direc­tor: ken­za nessaf

Sta­ge & props assi­stant: anja temperli

acting: bran­dy but­ler, anna hof­mann, leon pfan­nen­mül­ler, sascha ö. soy­dan, jakob leo stark