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myri­am boulos

foto­gra­phie & kollaborateur*in

If you would have to choo­se: Love play or fight? 


How do you pro­tect yourself?

I skin pick.

Do you belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of protest? 

Yes yes and yes.

Are you for sale? 


What do you want to do when you’re old? 

(Dye my hair in very light pink and do) Self portraits.

What books is on your bedsi­de table?

“Fai­re l’amour” by Jean-Phil­ip­pe Tous­saint; “Acti­ve Art”; “The Gaze of Things: Japa­ne­se Pho­to­gra­phy in the Con­text of Pro­vo­ke”; “PHo­to­Bol­s­il­lo” by Hum­ber­to Rivas; “Loo­king For Love On The Left Bank” by Ed Van Der Elsken.

What was the best pre­sent that you got from someo­ne or you gave to someone? 

Flowers, always!


Born in Bei­rut in 1992, Myri­am Bou­los gra­dua­ted with a mas­ter degree in pho­to­gra­phy from the Aca­de­mie Liba­nai­se des Beaux Arts in 2015. She took part in both natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal collec­ti­ve exhi­bi­ti­ons, inclu­ding Pho­to­med, Bei­rut Art Fair, Ber­lin Pho­to­Week, Mashreq to Maghreb (Dres­den, Ger­ma­ny), Bey­ond bounda­ries (New York), C’est Bey­routh (Paris) and 3ème bien­na­le des pho­to­gra­phes du mon­de ara­be (Paris). She recei­ved the Byb­los Bank Award for Pho­to­gra­phy in 2014, which lead to her first solo exhi­bi­ti­on at the Byb­los Bank in April 2015. Her second solo exhi­bi­ti­on took place at the French insti­tu­te of Leba­non in 2019.
Myri­am uses her came­ra to ques­ti­on the city, its peop­le, and her place among them. Her pho­to seri­es are a mix of docu­men­ta­ry and per­so­nal rese­arch. https://www.lensculture.com/myriam-boulos

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer