Pro­test 1980

History(s) of acti­vism


For­ty years ago, the ina­bi­li­ty of poli­tics to respond to the deman­ds of youth igni­ted a youth move­ment. Street fights, mee­tings, an auto­no­mous youth cen­ter and the call “Down with the Alps! Free view of the Medi­ter­ra­ne­an!” over­took the Lim­mat city. Alt­hough the Zurich of the guilds abdi­ca­ted, the call “We want ever­ything, and we want it subi­to!” died away in the bust­le of the “pla­ne­ta­ry work machi­ne. “D’Be­we­gig” came to a standstill, but the cer­tain­ty that the world could also be dif­fe­rent, bet­ter, fre­er, more eman­ci­pa­ted, con­ti­nues to have an effect.

Today, mil­li­ons of young peop­le are chan­ting “Sys­tem Chan­ge, not Cli­ma­te Chan­ge!” Who are the­se peop­le who drop ever­ything and take to the streets for chan­ge? 1980? 2000? 2020? In “Pro­test 1980” three genera­ti­ons of acti­vists meet and, direc­ted by the Bel­gi­an Michiel Van­de­vel­de, span the arc from the youth move­ment of the 1980s to the pre­sent. From seven nar­ra­ti­ves emer­ges a web of expe­ri­en­ces, dreams and disap­point­ments; a histo­ry of this city. Whe­re is this much-vaun­ted way out of the «steel case» of capi­ta­lism? Bet­ween hope and des­pair, «Pro­test 1980» turns the thea­ter into a collec­ti­ve labo­ra­to­ry of poli­ti­cal imagination.

with Eng­lish subtitles

Pho­tos: ©Miklós Klaus Rózsa

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With mem­bers of the ensem­ble and pro­tes­ters of yes­ter­day and today:

Bran­dy But­ler, Fio­na Chiap­po­ri, Bri­git­ta Javu­rek, Alma Onam­be­le, Leon Pfan­nen­mül­ler, Miklós Klaus Róz­sa, Dario Vareni

Pro­duc­tion Team

Direc­tion and space: Michiel Vandevelde

Cos­tu­me: Tutia Schaad

Dra­ma­tur­gy: Niko­lai Prawdzic

Video: Michiel Van­de­vel­de, Robert Meyer

Assi­stant direc­tor: Lau­ra Weibel

Sta­ge and probs assi­stant: Anja Temperli

Assi­stant cos­tu­me: Camil Krings

Second assi­stant to the direc­tor: Gina Müller

Eng­lish sub­tit­les: Kim­ber­ley Schle­gel, Jose­fi­ne Zürcher

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