Star Magno­lia

kind of spe­cu­la­ti­ve-fic­tio­n­al inter­stel­lar novel 


It is the year 2094, a group of peop­le is in space. They are on the way with their space­ship. Whe­re to is uncer­tain. This jour­ney into the open is the sto­ry of a few peop­le and crea­tures who have left the earth. They tra­vel alo­ne with their memo­ries of Earth. Their friendship and fasci­na­ti­on for the “big­ger-than-life” con­nects them as much as their lon­ging to touch stars. Ever­ything is pos­si­ble: space and time tra­vel, a coexis­tence with the more-than-human even levitation. 

“Star Magno­lia” The play begins whe­re Octa­via E. Butler’s sci­ence fic­tion novels “The Para­ble of The Sower (1993)” and “The Para­ble of The Talents” (1998) end: Star­ting from a dys­to­pian world, a visi­on of a new world is for­mu­la­ted. The pie­ce is spe­cu­la­ti­ve fabu­la­ti­on, in which the future tri­es to free its­elf from the abyss of a past, to take root some­whe­re or some­time among the stars. 

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Ali­re­za Bay­ram, Bran­dy But­ler, Anna Hof­mann, Kiha­ko Nari­sa­wa, Yara Bou Nas­sar, Edwin Rami­rez, Jakob Leo Stark

Pro­duc­tion Team

Direc­tion: Jere­my Nedd

Cos­tu­me: Jac­que­line Loe­ki­to

Assi­stant direc­tor: Ken­za Nessaf

Cos­tu­me assi­s­tance: Dyl­an Basi

Sound: Seven & Rej Deproc

Dra­ma­tur­gy: Hayat Erdoğan

Sta­ge: Lau­ra Knüsel

Sta­ge and probs assi­stant: Anja Temperli

Video: Juan Fer­ra­ri, Lau­ra Knü­sel, Gai­dis Volkovs

direc­ting intern: Laris­sa Copetti


In Ara­bic, Ger­man, Eng­lish and Swiss Ger­man. With Ger­man and Eng­lish surtitles.

In Ara­bic, ger­man, eng­lish, and swiss-ger­man. With ger­man and eng­lish subtitles.

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