Trot­ti­nett Ballett

How to Wow? E‑scooters, perhaps the most unpo­pu­lar means of trans­por­ta­ti­on sin­ce the seg­way dis­as­ter, are loo­king for their place in the ramp light. “Trot­ti­nett Bal­let” has reco­gni­zed its poten­ti­al, sca­led at light­ning speed and is now inves­ting in poe­try and pas­si­on. Final­ly e‑mobility and enter­tain­ment, final­ly uni­corn capi­ta­lism that’s fun. Anything is pos­si­ble if you only firm­ly belie­ve: ven­ture is adventure.

Foot. Push. Go! We have collec­ted the machi­nes off the road, nur­tu­red, cared for and trai­ned them. Our start-up frees the machi­ne from its ever­y­day use – we dri­ve in sync, in cir­cles and in for­ma­ti­on, the first and the last mile, crui­sing through pit­ches and cus­to­mer reviews, gig-work, IPOs and van­da­lism. And: we cir­cle around our com­pli­ca­ted love sto­ry with the sharing eco­no­my – whe­re we share more and more, and yet do not get clo­ser to each other.

The team around film and thea­ter direc­tor Piet Baum­gart­ner deve­lo­ps – at eye level with the machi­nes – a visu­al poem with docu­men­ta­ry roots, a kind of “star­light express” from the start-up world, a traf­fic cho­reo­gra­phy of stran­ge beauty.

May 2021
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Bran­dy But­ler, Andri Schen­ar­di, David Atten­ber­ger, Lou­lou Deba­tin, David Gottlieb

Sup­por­ted by Ernst Göh­ner Stiftung

Vehi­cles pro­vi­ded by Voi Scooters

Pro­duc­tion Team

By: Piet Baum­gart­ner, Julia Rei­chert, Rio Wolta

Direc­tor: Piet Baumgartner

Dra­ma­tur­gy: Julia Reichert

Con­cept col­la­bo­ra­ti­on: Rio Wolta

Sta­ge: Sime­on Meier

Cos­tu­me: Lea Niedermann

Assi­stant Direc­tor: Seli­na Hess

Rese­arch assi­s­tance: Valen­ti­na Zingg

Sta­ge design assi­s­tance: Noé Wetter

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