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Tutia Schaad

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Tutia Schaad is a swiss-viet­na­me­se fashion and cos­tu­me desi­gner, head of the Facul­ty of Crea­ti­ve Arts at Macro­me­dia Uni­ver­si­ty in Ber­lin and pro­fes­sor for fashion design at «Ate­lier Char­don Savard» Berlin.

Tutia Schaad was born in 1982 in Hanoi, she grew up in Viet­nam, Fran­ce and Switz­er­land.
After majo­ring two years in Fashion Design at the «Hau­te Eco­le d´Arts App­li­qués de Genè­ve», she gra­dua­ted as «Meis­ter­schü­le­rin» in 2009 at the «Weis­sen­see Kunst­hoch­schu­le Ber­lin».
During her stu­dies, Tutia Schaad gai­ned work expe­ri­en­ces in Paris at the design stu­di­os of Given­chy Hau­te-Cou­ture and Prêt-à-Por­ter with Ricar­do Tisci.
She co-foun­ded the fashion label Per­ret Schaad with Johan­na Per­ret in 2009. Tog­e­ther, they crea­ted and mar­ke­ted 17 collec­tions, show­ed during Fashion Week Ber­lin, in loca­ti­ons such as Neue Natio­nal­ga­le­rie, Hard­ware Store Hell­weg and David Chip­per­field Head­quar­ters, Berlin.

In 2010, Per­ret Schaad was invi­ted by Mat­thi­as Lili­en­thal to act as host-per­for­mer during the «Dong Xuan / Viet­nam in Ber­lin» fes­ti­val, initia­ted by «HAU», Ber­lin.
Fol­lo­wed a com­mis­si­on to crea­te cos­tu­mes for the first pro­duc­tion of Toshi­ki Oka­da «Hot Pep­per, Air Con­di­tio­ner and the Fare­well Speech» at the «Münch­ner Kam­mer­spie­le» in 2016. She then con­tri­bu­t­ed to fur­ther pro­duc­tions of Toshi­ki Oka­da at the Münch­ner Kam­mer­spie­le as «No Thea­ter» (2017), «No Sex» (2018) and «The Vacu­um Clea­ner» (2019).

Sin­ce 2018, Tutia Schaad, to her aca­de­mic work, foun­ded her own design stu­dio and crea­tes fashion, as well as cos­tu­mes for thea­ter and dance pro­duc­tions for direc­tors, Toshi­ki Oka­da, Lola Ari­as and Michiel Van­de­vel­de and at insti­tu­ti­ons such as the Maxim Gor­ki Thea­ter in Ber­lin, the Voo­ruit in Gent or the Thea­ter Neu­markt in Zürich.


Foto © Macro­me­dia Uni­ver­si­ty / Causalux