Un/safe spaces

Seri­es of talks on issu­es of migra­ti­on, diver­si­ty and par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in Switzerland


Are you also con­cer­ned about the degree of pola­riz­a­ti­on and self-rein­for­cing spi­rals of indi­gna­ti­on in poli­tics and the media, espe­cial­ly on issu­es like migra­ti­on, inte­gra­ti­on, and racism? Tired of public deba­tes that only simu­la­te opi­ni­on-forming? Slain by more and more talk shows and hash­tags on irri­t­ant words like iden­ti­ty poli­tics, racism and discri­mi­na­ti­on? Do you also feel the desi­re to be on the right side and con­tri­bu­te to a bet­ter world? Do you suspect, deep down, that things are more com­pli­ca­ted than that? Do you want a safe space whe­re peop­le tre­at you with respect, an open mind, and restraint in judgment? Do you nevertheless wish for inse­cu­ri­ty, a space in which the­re is room for the ten­si­ons, dif­fe­ren­ces and con­tra­dic­tions of today’s socie­ty — inclu­ding tho­se that per­va­de our­sel­ves?
Then the­re is good news.
In the seri­es Un/Safe Spaces with the his­to­ri­an, acti­vist and co-pre­si­dent of the Insti­tu­te New Switz­er­land INES, the dis­cus­sion about migra­ti­on, inte­gra­ti­on and racism goes one level deeper. The star­ting point is not pres­sing media events, but fun­da­men­tal dimen­si­ons of human exis­tence in the world impro­ve­ment busi­ness: anger and hurt, guilt and shame, hope and solidarity.


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pro­duc­tion team

Con­cept & mode­ra­ti­on: Kijan Espa­han­gi­zi / INES — Insti­tut neue Schweiz

dra­ma­tur­gi­cal sup­port: julia reichert

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