Under New Mangagement

A per­for­mance

“They say to dress for the job you want to get in life. The same app­lies to hydra­ti­on. If you want to be the best – and most popu­lar – you need to drink the best. That means cham­pa­gne, lots of champagne.”

A con­fe­rence room on the top floor of a glass tower: pan­or­amic view of sky­s­cra­pers, the sky­line – far below, the city, cars and peop­le, small as ants. At the cen­ter of the action is a woman, alo­ne in the office, bet­ween empty exe­cu­ti­ve chairs, visi­ble and on dis­play. A pyra­mid of glas­ses in the hall testi­fies to an ape­ri­tif that will soon take place. Admis­si­on by per­so­nal invi­ta­ti­on only, RSVP. Exclu­si­vi­ty means suc­cess in this com­pe­ti­ti­on for advan­ce­ment and visi­bi­li­ty, for belon­ging and exclu­si­on, for empower­ment and exploitation.

Play­ing with the sym­bols of capi­ta­list logics of explo­ita­ti­on and nar­ra­ti­ves of opti­miz­a­ti­on, this solo per­for­mance ques­ti­ons the ambi­va­len­ces of trans­pa­ren­cy, social sys­tems of order and social networks.

«Under New Manage­ment» is a master’s the­sis of the Thea­ter, Acting pro­gram in coope­ra­ti­on with Zurich Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts.

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Con­cept & per­for­mance: Nora Wagner

Sta­ge & Con­cept Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on & Pho­to: Maxi­mi­li­an Schneider

cos­tu­me: Isa­bell Reisinger 

Out­side Eye: Hayat Erdoğan

Men­to­ring: Peter Ender, Oli­ver Man­nel, Ted Stoffer


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